Paladin 2

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Omnitrend Software Fantasy Organized Forces

Strategy and RPG, playable but unimpressive

I've seen much less graphically cogent games manage to capture your attention so much more, yet, this rather well endowed graphically (for a 91 title, mind you!) game manages to not be able to live up to its expectations and to its own arms. As such Paladin 2 is simply a game that is pretty empty. The story, while at the surface is all about chivalry and knights and the ladies that are in need of rescue, stays at the surface. Because the developers didn't even care enough o give it an allure of depth, so, there, the story already is a disappointment. Then, the top down maps. Sure, the quality of the VGA graphics is higher than that of most other games, but is it used to draw anything of any particular importance? Well, of course not! It's mostly green grass and buildings that rarely ever are differentiated between them. Basically, whatever you see in a portion of the map, you will get too see that exact thing later on. And that, in all truth, is just not worth it. Weirder still is that the first Paladin title was a little better than this one. Maybe they just lost the traction to get this game to a better place. Unfortunate but true...

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