Shadow of Mordor

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox Beam Software Fantasy

Graphic text based adventure, recounting Frodo`s adventure

The Hobbit was the game that took it upon itself to familiar us with the first adventure of Bilbo, but Tolkien took that first novel further in The Lord of the Rings series. In Shadow of Mordor what you will be doing is playing a big portion of the Frodo Hobbit (!) adventure. Granted, it's a game that is pretty primitive graphically, bit storywise and puzzles wise it is by no means a letdown, quite on the contrary, it's a very satisfying game, one that really allows you to have a great experience. So, yeah, play it, but be ready to have to deal with some really nasty control issues. My best advice for these oldies, is to always have a walkthrough around, as good as possible a walkthrough, one that understands the point of view of a modern gamer. But, if you loved Tolkien's work, you will find this game to be very much in these same feel zone. And, for once, the use of Magenta in a game offers it a very eerie atmosphere, sort of in tune with the last part of Frodo's journey, which is really well suited, here. So yeah, give it a try if you like oldie text based with lots of pictures adventure.

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