Morkin 2

RPG 1992 Dos Conan Fantasy Organized Forces

Strategy in the vein of Chaos and X-Com

Morkin 2 is an early, prototypical strategy game, that will later come to be substantially expanded by titles such as Chaos or the seminal X-Com series. At any rate, the entire idea behind the game is that you are in this fantasy land, so no, you won't be battling aliens! It's all about conquering the other aliens in this one, a game that surely knows how to present itself, in pretty VGA graphics, relatively unpolished by even the standards of the day, but, which, offer you a cool tinge of retro today. Also, very interesting is the gooey effect, the pulsating, pustule like effect applied to some of the assets, giving this one an eerie feel beyond what is used in most other games. At any rate, with Morkin 2 you can be sure to get a lot of great adventuring, a seriously engaging turn based battles portion and just as enticing a story. Plus, keeping it all together is an mouse driven interface, that makes it all much easier to interact with, always great for oldies such as this. Quite a distinct game, and even if you're not as bound to hear about it, it sure isn't because of flaws, it's the age mostly, and, maybe, it's less than trumpeted release.

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