Arcade 1990 Dos Comix Myth and legend Single screen

Venture into history

Operasoft is perhaps best known for their Livingstone adventures or arcade-style shooters such as The Last Mission, but Mythos is a little gem from the same company that is well worth a look. It's a simple enough actioner but which has a lot of charm and some gloriously retro visuals which combine to make a fun old-school experience. Like another of the company's games, Ulises, this one takes Greek mythology as its inspiration and sees players taking control of a centaur who is pretty handy with a bow. The centaur has to embark on an epic quest to retrieve seven lost magic coins which belong to his god and this involves venturing deep into Olympus and doing battle with the numerous beasts and enemies which lurk within. In gameplay terms, this basically translates into a side scrolling platform/action game, like a less intense Trantor, where you leap around taking potshots at the bad guys or just keep out of their way. The game throws in a bit of multi-directional scrolling to keep you on your toes, as well as a few bosses and powerups to help you out. Mythos isn't exactly complex stuff but it does manage to provide some fun arcade action which will keep you challenged and entertained. The visuals are perhaps the game's strongest point, with lots of lovely vibrant environments and plenty of chunky, well designed sprites to enjoy, all in that wonderful colour palette of the 1980s. The controls are simple enough to pick up and the gameplay is enjoyable if mindless, so if you are after a bit of eighties action, then this should fit the bill.

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