Perestroika - Toppler

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Locis Single screen

From Russia, with love

In this funny little Russian puzzle game you are a little frog and you have to jump from one lily pad to the other to get to the end of the level. The problem is, the lily pads sink and emerge randomly, so you have to be very careful where you step! At the same time you have to evade nasty flies that chase you and try to eat you. The game requires strategic thinking and logical deduction as well as speed and agility, so you'll get your brain pretty worked out by the time you're finished. The game is very very simple in its design - just a blue field with yellow dots (lily pads)and a gold coin that represents the end of the level. Unfortunately, there is no music too but this is a very small and simple game so that is expected. But sometimes, from simplicity comes greatness. This game is perfect just the way it is. So no matter how good the game sounds or looks, it is still very fun to play since it requires a lot of thought and concentration. I like it and think that everyone else would, too. And if you liked it, try a remake - Toppler for Windows, the same game, only better graphics!

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