Panic Soldier

Strategy 1997 Windows CDV Real time

Squad level intensive RTS

In the sweet style of Z, Panic Soldier is a simple, low level Real time strategy that will offer you control, most of the time, over small contingents of troops. You get inside the action from a top down perspective, again, similar to Z, style wise and graphics wise. The game is great for all those that don't want to be bothered by the inclusion of sprawling economic or managerial portions that are too encumbering, too demanding. Plus, Panic Soldier is a mission based type RTS, with the main campaign story being too simplistic and minimalist to actually matter. But, anyway, as a sort of a more RTS like X Com, this game will satisfy both real time tacticians as well as real time strategists, as long as they don't expect something where a lot more detail and elements are poured over into the game. But, for a slightly cartoonish strategy with modern/futuristic soldiers, this one can sure do a good job, even if short lived and not the most original out there. For everyone else, instead, KKND will fill that hole that Panic Soldier will have only partially covered!

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