Strike Squad

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Mindcraft Organized forces Science Fiction

Isometric futuristic tactical game

In Strike Squad you will be directing your squad of primarily rifle endowed players though all sort of scenarios, some indoors, some outdoors. The game is mission based, and while the missions share the militaristic, futuristic theme of the game, they are however, pretty original, each and every one of them, in very particular ways. I love Strike Squad also because it manages to showcase both very close to the ground clashes, but also allows you to view the higher hierarchical map, that allows you to know where you are within your mission, and to plan a more thorough gameplan. Ultimately, you might be put off by the use of seemingly disparate graphical styles for the close by action and the way the higher map views look like, but that is somehow to be expected from these kind of games. You see, they tried new, original things, and I think paying homage to them in spite of their shortcomings is really due. Not to say that the game is not fun, it sure is, but modern players might find Syndicate or X Com a much more palatable format, though, if you look closely, all three tried similar things, similar tactics in a future, dystopian world. Try them all three, they're more than worth it.

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