Europe in Flames

Strategy 2000 Windows TalonSoft Historical Turn based Top down

One of the wargames in the Campaign series

Europe in Flames tasks itself with recreating the tank based conflicts of the first world war of the 1948 to 1973 era. The German and the Russian front are the ones that predominate in this game, and the scale of the recreation is pretty high level, as you'll mostly fiddle around with squads and platoons as your basic movable unit. This makes the conflict pretty high level, and you will mostly be concerned with establishing reinforcement and supply routes, as well as keeping an eye on the larger scope movement of enemy troupes. Other than that the game is a pretty straightforward war game, based on action points and turn based strategizing, with really simple to learn commands. This is one of those games that you can play exclusively with your mouse as a simple hover will detail all info you need to know over a hex and a command is at a click distance away. The game is thus very similar to West Front, from the same developer and the same series of games, so, if you'd like another approach, I'd suggest The Operational Art of War: Century of Warfare a game that is much more exhaustive in how it envisions a world scale conflict. Europe in Flames, instead is just one of those tightly focused wargames that will only speak to really interested wargaming aficionados who have a really well developed know how of WWI history.

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