Hammer Boy

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Platformer Cartoon

Hit them with the hammer and keep them away from the tower!

Hammer Boy is not much of a native American lover, and that is so because they are trying to invade the tower. But you, as in a Whack a Mole game, can keep them away from reaching this goal by whacking them, the further away from the tower the better. As an arcade game, I'd say this is a pretty well produced one, but there aren't a lot of different backdrops where you will be carrying this activity. This is unfortunate because it soon becomes a little too boring to do the same action, again and again, without as much as a scenery change. Nonetheless, Hammer Boy is a fun, if not too solid game, and it offers you 3 enemies, pirates, knights and aliens (all of them, for some reason, Native Americans!) and 3 different backdrops: one that is a battleship, the other one that is a castle and the last that is a space ship. Overall, Hammer Boy is a cool game, if short lived, yet pretty well produced, in an 8bit cartoony style. Download it if you like whack a mole type games, bit want something with a bit more back-story

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