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A Gulf War wargame, realistic yet not very enticing

Patriot is a wargame that focuses on the events of the Gulf War. It's mechanics are very realistic, as are the balance of economic power and the accuracy of the units, as compared to one another and in the historical context. However, the game, as many of the Harpoon designs were, does not lend itself to short, action infused campaigns, it is the kind of wargame that you want to have the time to toil over a lot of time. That can be an advantage in some cases, as long as the game has enough incentive and enough material to keep you surprised, but, unfortunately, in this case it's less probably. So, therefore, Patriot is a game for those wargamers that love historical accuracy even in spite of playability or action. At least, some of the episodes, the Kuwait and Iraq ones in particular are some of the most important, but overall, you can't really put this game together with Kingmaker like strategies, which offer you so much more in terms of possibilities and oomph. So, overall, Patriot is a very specific wargame, very difficult and time consuming, but a good one, if that is what you are seeking.

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