Perfect Assassin

Adventure 1997 Windows Dosbox Grolier Interactive Science Fiction Third Person

Good plot, bad gameplay

Perfect Assassin is a mediocre action packed adventure game (kinda like Orion Conspiracy) that puts you in the role of an extremely bad ass cyborg in a plot that involves a lot of twists and turns, and there is a lot of shooting and killing going on. You are are dangerous, you are lethal, and whoever gets near you with hostile intent, is dead on spot. The good parts of the game is the insane amount of brainless action and excitement that is a product of that, and the ability to converse to the non playable characters from the game, which makes the game at least a bit interesting. The bad parts are the very tedious and nerve grinding puzzles that are too hard or to stupid to solve. The plot is very interesting and even intriguing, but somehow still doesn't manage to save the game completely. The graphics are mediocre, decent for a standard game, while spoiled players will find the graphics below average. The game is fitting for those who prefer the action part of the game, while adventure lovers are well to stay away, for they will not find what they need here.

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