Master of Dimensions

Adventure 1996 Windows Eidos Science Fiction Third Person

Loved the adventure

It is a third person adventure involving a mystical plot and some very good puzzle solving elements. The plot in the game is that there was once a sorcerer who went to the fairyland. There she came across a wizard and they had a conflict which resulted in the fragmentation of her wand. The parts of the wand were dispersed in different dimensions. The stories have been in the air for quite a long time and now you are a boy who wants to search and join all the fragments in different dimensions. The gameplay here is quite stylized and involves an extensive levels where you have to interact with different elements of the gameplay. The point and click interface in the game is quite well designed and this interface allows you to learn all the ins and outs that are involved here. The graphics are very much suited to the theme and they give a lot of value to the adventure and mystical theme that this game has. During your mission, you will counter a lot of surprise elements that will always keep you guessing. All in all it's a perfect game to interest you for a single play. If you are more into action adventure, then you need to go for Perfect Assassin.

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