Orion Conspiracy

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Domark Science Fiction Third Person

Find out what the Kobayashi Corporation`s plan is!

Orion Conspiracy is an adventure game, set in the distant future of 2160, where this seemingly good corporation controls a whole lot of the world. The Kobayashi corporation is set about to control as much of the area in its immediate and far distance, but, for the most part, it seems to have some nefarious plans that far extend beyond the want for power and for money. So, in terms of story this game will truly not disappoint. In terms of the way it is produced, gameplay wise, with the puzzles and the puzzly oriented action sequences, well, let's just say that it isn't the most original of games ever produced. But nonetheless, the dark and at times sinister story, with all its elements and all of its ideas is far reaching, and it just gets under your skin and doesn't let you go until you've found out all the details. Be prepared for large conversation trees, which actually have effects on the way the game progresses, and so, as you'll keep playing, you will find that Orion Conspiracy has all the elements that you would want out of a game like this one. It's truly worth looking into, a masterpiece of a story, and a rather poor gameplay balance. Better combination of them both is offered by the Darkseed series, so download this one too.

A father on a road to revenge

Orion Conspiracy is a very dark computer graphic adventure game (like the Monkey Island game series) centered around a grief stricken father and a murder. Now he is on a path do discover the circumstances around his son's murder. It has a simple point and click gameplay set in a 2D environment with the player clicking on objects to investigate and interact with them. The gameplay is very interesting and detailed, making the gaming experience easy and fluid, without many complications. The visuals are very good detailed with also very good animation. The sounds system is also very good with authentic and interesting voice acting. A warning has to be made, since this game is not for sensitive people, because of the use of profanity and violence. The players will be deeply immersed with the game's story and will genuinely sympathize with the protagonist and his situation, making this game one of the more interesting game out there. Definitely recommended.

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