Sign of the Sun

Adventure 1997 Windows Project Two Interactive Science Fiction Third Person

Adventure in a futuristic dystopia setting, gets old too quick!

I loved this game introductory chapter. I really thought that I was on to something. The game, for some reason, reminded me of Divine Divinity, maybe because of the kind of dark, red shift type of graphics depicted. However, in terms of perspective and gameplay and definitely in terms of setting these games are utterly different. Sign of the Sun is a third person adventure game, with a lot of puzzling and a fair quantity of story. But, at any rate, to turn back to my first moments spent with it, the story is really kick started pretty neatly. You see, the world is getting out of the Sun's proximity, due to a nuclear explosion and therefore, the world is about to go extinct. However, on Earth, an element is found, that can help with the increasing temperatures spikes, but this element needs to be tested inside the Sun (yap, inside the sun!). You will play a pilot that will be tasked to do just that, and from there on, it's a furious twisty dash in the first chapter, with one element more interesting than the other. But, after the incipit, which is absolutely fantastic, the game kicks into slow gear, offering you an embarrassing, and increasingly unmoving plot elements that also translate to lesser puzzling but more punching and battling. And, as you'd expect from an adventure game, these portions are just not that interesting. So, yeah, compared to a similarly themed adventure/action game, say Omikron, Sign of the Sun stalls just a little too early, after, as I said, a very promising start. So, either just play the first few missions or don't play it at all, unfortunately.

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