Pete Rose Pennant Fever

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Dynamix Baseball

Arcade baseball game endorsing the Cincinnati Reds

What this game has as its secret weapon is the fact that it is very little known; it is not as well known as Sporting News Baseball nor as expansive, but yet, it is sufficiently playable and enjoyable. Thus it will mostly interest those that love any baseball simulation but most of all those that love to get lost in gaming that is not meant for everyone. In terms of the simulation itself, the game doesn't stray too much from the way the 8bit era depicted baseball. You get your 2D false perspective field and at every step of the game you get a specific simplified set of controls. Thus, you control the swing of the bat by pressing a button at the right moment as an indicator bounces from left to right on the screen. All the other phases of the game are just as simple, and yet, satisfying. Thus, the game is much less about tactics as it is about having good coordination and fast reflexes. Yes, it's not much different than the rest of the era's games, but it is sufficiently well done to be worth a go, especially if you are a fan of the genre. Go Cincinnati Reds!

Baseball game ahead of its time

Pete Rose game was very advanced for dos/ega games at the time. You started out with a good team, but people retired quickly and got hurt, and you had to buy better players to rebuild. Also, the controls were really simple (2 players sharing the keyboard) but you could choose different pitches and locations and had great control as a pitcher and hitter.

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