Street Sports: Baseball

Sport 1987 Dos Epyx Baseball

Pretty colorful and 80s cool tinged baseball!

I always applaud titles that tried to present baseball in a brand new light; that's mainly so because, generally, vanilla baseball was never really much about trying new things or trying to put a spin on the gameplay of the games, and, thus, the entire genre was kinf of stale, for me, at least, after trying dozens of these games. But Street Sports: Baseball takes baseball in the street, and while the idea of the vanilla real life game emerges though in this one, the presentation and the way it looks surely is deserving of congratulations! The great thing is that, even in spite of very limited graphical capabilities, Street Sports: Baseball still found enough variety and cool ways to make it all more exciting and more drawing, which, in the end is all that matters. Also, the game controls well enough, and the animations are so sweet and so cool with their utter minimalism. It all looks like the pirates from Monkey Island have clothed in 80s high school attire and set on the block to play baseball! So, yeah, utterly cool and nice, without a doubt worth looking into.

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