Sport 1994 Dos Greenwood Entertainment Software GmbH Soccer Team management

Addictive soccer management game

It is a soccer team management game which is quite typical and has a same gameplay like many other soccer games. But the good thing here is that all the options and feature of the game have been well synced with the gameplay and it does provide you a lot of fun. You will play the role of a team manager who needs to manage and train his team and make them win the Bundesliga. Now the dynamics in terms of how you manage the finances of the team and their training and management is what makes the game very interesting. The options in the form of tactics will be exercised through the menu screens. You will have to focus of team skills, their performance and the marketing of the players. The matches however will take place in real time and you have an isometric view of the action. You can change your tactics and strategy all together during a match and plan according to the situation you are in. The A1 in the game is both tough and unpredictable and involves you into tough scenarios while the game is on. The graphics are also very much fair and the interface is also simple and well defined. Overall you have a wonderful game to play and its sequel RanTrainer 2 is also a good one.

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