Pc Futbol 4

Sport 1995 Windows Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Soccer Team management

1996 Spanish soccer tournament sim

Those of you who root for the Furie Rosse team (the Spanish national soccer team) and want to relieve the 96 world tournament, Pc Futbol 4 is a good way to get inside that. The teams are all there, all the nations that participated are all there, and, frankly for a Spanish studio game, this is not that bad, actually. But at any rate, don't expect a game that pushes the envelope or that takes you to a new height of originality. This is an alright 2D simulation, with mostly numerical factors deciding the way the players will feel and react. They don't really look as they're supposed to do and because of that they will rarely make you feel as if you are really inside the team of your choice. But well, if the Spanish is whom you're looking to play with, this is the game to do it with. Pc Futbol 4 however will also entice those that love soccer games with elements of management, though surely, it's not a fully fledged manager either. At any rate, Pc Futbol 4 is just as good as other, lets call them no name/no brand games, and so it will do the job. Alternatively, for international soccer clashes, see PC Futbol 6 which ups the graphical ante a bit and is otherwise just as fun an action game too.

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