Pick'n Pile

Puzzle 1990 Dos UBI Soft Tetris variant

Tetris with balls!

In Pick'n Pile yo are a sort of stacker, a sort of arranger of balls. You have to cautiously pick them up and place them next to their color kin, so that they will disappear from the table. It's a bit of a puzzler, but a very time waster-ish one, not the kind that is going to add something, but rather one that just allows you to have an activity to do, for your breaks. But, while not too expansive in scope, Pick'n Pile is just as satisfying and well produced, colorful as any other Jewel Quest game out there, with immediate controls and that feel good thing about it. Even so, Pick'n Pile is a game that will always deliver, just as Solitaire does, or any other time filler of your own choice. Plus, you get to save your own high scores, you get to try to beat your own scores, and when that competitive edge takes over, oh, boy, is this a game that you'll lose some good afternoons playing! Which, overall, as time waster games go, is a great bundle to have! So give it a go and play it, it's got all that it needs!

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