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Tetris with... atoms!

Tetris can make you think of so many things: being on a construction site, arranging books on a shelf, putting order in your thoughts and so much more. Heck, it's not for nothing that it was found to be a game that can help one navigate a difficult period in their lives, and get over a shock state easier. At any rate, leaving Tetris's great role aside, there are lots of variations out there, and if you're a fan of the vanilla game, these ones will feel great for you as we. Atomino for instance is a Tetris with atoms, or rather with molecules. Each molecule is more or less a classic tetromino in size and looks, but also, another characteristic of it is these is that they are more diverse than the 8 basic arrangements of the vanilla game. And so, with that said, I can only tell you to go play it. Graphically it's an alright 8bit looking game, with well produced 2D graphics, and also with a gameplay that is, unlike Tetris, not about falling bits and pieces but similar, similar enough to be immediately recognizable and playable. Download Welltris too for yet another variation that is worth its salt.

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