Pinball Prelude

Simulation 1995 Windows Effigy Software Pinball

Time, the theme of this pinball sim; beautiful and playable

Pinball Prelude is a satisfying, well produced and really interesting pinball simulation. It's theme is that of time, in many forms; time travel, time slices, past vs future etc. One of the first tables that are available are based around the idea of past. Thus, the design of the table, as well as the colors (sepia tinged a little) will remind you of the past. The present is produced in better, more luminous colors, while the future is a little punk like, and it has a very interesting and more advanced, mechanical/metallic construction. All the tables, those that are about vegetation and green, as well as the other ones are still similarly nice, and also, Pinball Prelude has great physics. Also, pressing the buttons acts immediately on the paddles, which is great, as many of these oldie pinball games are not always as satisfying, controls feeling wise. Also, graphically, the high-res VGA level graphics are really satisfying and the mild colors never tire your eyes. It's maybe even better than Pinball Illusions, one of my favorite later retro pinball titles. So, definitely worth having in a digital pinball aficionado's collection. So don't miss it.

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