Pinball Fantasies

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox 21st Century Pinball

Low fi, 2D, but lots of fun!

So what if Pinball Fantasies is not in 3D? Surely this third dimension would not change the game mechanics so much; after all, if you think about it, pinball is basically a 2D game already, as your ball(s) rarely have any reason to leave the static scenery of the tables. Besides, Pinball Fantasies does a good job of simulating the depths/ heights and bumps of the 20 tables that are included by using projected shadows and just a good overall design. Besides, the advantage of playing this title is that the graphics and the overall themes captured by the tables is of that esthetic of the 90s, which is rarely to be found today, as these modern games have all but forsaken that pulp look. Nope, Pinball Fantasies is all about that and it's thus a piece of history, which can be interacted with, can be had fun with and is pretty joyful. The game's controls work just as advertised, no delay, no fumbling about, just good old fashioned play, and this, no tweaking necessary approach, makes the game even more so capable of ensnaring you, as your actual skills get put to the test. More than recommended, especially along with Pinball Illusions and Pinball Mania, all bundled into one pack on GOG. Go check it out!

Classic like Pinball game with a lot of fun

"Pinball fantasies" - is a great game that was launched in January, 1996. Developed by Digital Illusions and published by Rebellion, it is packed with a lot of fun. With some great graphic design and sound effect it has several stages with great pinball action. Classic pin ball lovers will definitely love this game. Those who love to play Absolute Pinball will definitely love this game. For original classic pin ball experience pinball fantasies is a great game. There themes are very good. Like its prequel this game has several playing tables - Party Land, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Game Show and Stones and Bones. These tables are theme based and better than the previous episode of this game. Overall this is a great game to play. Although the resolution seems not that good compare to modern day games, still it is a decent game to play. This pinball series game is said to be one of the best pinball games ever. It is a truly fun classic game to play. Overall it is a 5 star game to play.

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