Pinball 4000

Simulation 1994 Dos Expert Software Pinball

Playable, but without spark; budget

Pinball 4000 is a very budget oriented pinball game; it's alright, it doesn't have some major inherent flaw, however, it is far from some game you'd want to play for long periods of time. It just doesn't take what it takes. Yes, it's alright, it's generic tables are perfectly palatable but I'm pretty sure the developers didn't waste too much time on it. It's inherently flawed, in no particular way, but simply because it isn't interesting at all. Also, what these tables lack a lot of elements, decorative or gameplay influencing; they are just too... bald, if you will. Basically the gameplay influencing table elements are too few and also used scarcely. And with loads of cool, well produced games such as the 3-D Ultra Pinball: Turbo Racing game, it's just not worth it to look at such games, when the palette of available games is so thorough and there are so many options that actually make more sense. But then again, if you want to see what bland looks like in pinball, Pinball 4000 is a great game to look into.

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