Pinball World

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox 21st Century Pinball Action

Another great pinball classic

It is not a well-known but a real pinball classic which can really provide a lot of fun to any pinball lover out there. The pinball series has been based on a lot of themes like the illusions and the 3D environments. But the theme this time is as broad and exciting as it can get. The tables this time are basically different location and countries all over the world where your mission at every table is to find different secrets and make your path through the exit to different countries of the world. There are many bonus tables as well in the game which you will reveal in the gameplay. The background which is basically the location of real countries have been designed quite perfectly and really make you feel like moving from place to another. The tables in the game are very diverse and sometime the length can be three times the actual width that your screen features. Every setting and environment is distinct and is supported by some really good graphics and well synced controls. The A1 is also good and the user interface is perfect. You will really love this one. Another good and addictive pinball theme is the Pinball 2000.

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