Pinball Wizard 2000

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Create your own pinball experience!

Hmm, I wonder how I managed to overlook this one! Back when I was a (late) teenager I was very interested in pinball machines, so much so that I took to creating one of my own, with the help of my grandpa's tool shed and a very relaxed attitude, an attitude of a man that knows nothing about woodwork, electrical work, metal work, let alone design! Let's just say that the end result was a hot mess that never got to the point where it resembled a pinball cabinet, no matter how positive of an attitude any objective observer would have been capable of. But, if I had known that there was a software bundle exclusively dedicated to the design and production of virtual pinball machines, I too would have been able to create something worthwhile! So, as the name amply suggests, this is a simple toolset for the creation of pinball machines. It contains all the necessary components, the scripting, tooling, the tiles and it can also accept graphics files produced in other bundles. Thus, you can use it for serious tables or just to mess about. The only impediment is thus your imagination. Now, don't expect it to be perfect, there are quirks and workarounds you'll need to get used to, but, frankly, it's a much better choice then picking up materials and going berserk DiY , wasting time and resources. So, if you want to try to bring your pinball machine to life, this is the way to do it. PS. Just so we are clear, this is for 2D pinball table creations exclusively.

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