Strategy 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Business Trade or management Tycoon style

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Bullfrog is one of my favorite developers. Populous is one of my favorite games and they were made by Bullfrog. But this game cannot be considered a success from that great company. In this game, you have to build an aquarium filled with interesting fish species and making sure your business stays well. Already I sensed something wrong. A game about an aquarium business? It's like making a game about accountants. But okay. I stuck with it. Then the graphics disappointed me. If the game is good, then bad graphics are only a minor problem, but this is just another minus in my book, and we are talking about 1999 here. The gameplay itsself is boring and uneventful and the AI is all but challenging. The good part is that you have all kind of fish species to choose from, so the selection is really various. The music is far from great, but it's not bad either. This can be an interesting game if you really like fish and a simulation of a business types of games, but this game is far from great. It is average, at best. And I am being generous here. If you want a really good simulation game, go play Theme Park. You won't miss with that one.

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