Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Infocom Science Fiction

Sequel to Planetfall and just as wacky storytelling wise!

If you remember, in Planetfall you were the lone survivor of a space station crashing, but instead of being this super human astronaut, you were just a mere janitor. Fortunately, the adventuring in turn put this unlikely here and the player to their paces, delivering an adventure game packed with gags, with cool logic puzzles and with a good bit of exploration. Anyway, enter Stationfall and you have a similar job, though, now, the janitor of the original, maybe having gained some self confidence after managing to go through the challenges of the former game, decides that it's time to go and find out what happened to his mates and what caused the crash. Suffice to say that his new found confidence will lead him into a lot of trouble, but that is just the life of an adventure protagonist. I'd say that the game is at least as good as the original. Knowing the protagonist kind of takes the novelty away from the game, but it sure doesn't take the humor filled situations away, nor does it take the well put together puzzles that abound in this one, more so than in the original

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