Space Quest - the Lost Chapter

Adventure 2001 Dos Dosbox Science Fiction Humorous Graphical IF

Truly for tough game lovers

Adventure games like this one do have some illogical elements but this is something which gels with the theme of this genre. This game is the continuance from where you left the previous version but the plot is a bit different but still close to it. Roger has hit a strange aliens' planet in the pod and is now on the mission to try and search how to get off it. So the plot is very much on the same theme but the variety in the game is a bit diverse. The gameplay is also very much the same with block elements and 16 color display to support it. The graphics in this 16 color display are a work well done because they help in making the gameplay very clear and noise free and this is a good feature for any game. There is good variety of some very indulging and tough puzzles which you to solve using the objects which you gather at various levels. The use of some of the objects is very logical but some of them are very hard to understand. The American style phrases may also give a tough time to those who are not familiar with them but tough gamers will still love this game. You might also like Space Quest - The Sarien Encounter.

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