Plundered Hearts

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Infocom Multimedia novel

Caribbean Sea romance text based adventure

Quite an original mix of genres and tropes is what Plundered Hearts proposes: for starters, it is bound to the world of high seas pirates of the 17th century, a setting less utilized in text based adventures; not only that makes this game original though, you also get to be part of a love story, in the style of oldschool adventure and romance novels. And, on top of that, Plundered Hearts offers you the regular, quality wise pretty good, puzzles, and other text based adventure kind of interactions, to keep you well entertained for the duration. The game's characters are however, a bit stereotypical, but that should not give you pause; it's the style of the type of novel that the game's writings are emulating, and so, in a way, it would make sense to be that way. But, what the game does well is create that feeling of exploring a person's inner thoughts, at least for your protagonist, which gets more developed than the rest of the cast. So, yeah, a particularly intriguing text based adventure, well done, and if you love pirate stories, here with a twist, you're going to have a good time. Alternatively, see Borderzone, an assassination prevention type of story in a more contemporary setting that pays homage to thriller novels.

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