Zork Quest - Assualt on Egreth Castle

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Infocom Cartoon Multimedia novel

Revisit Egreth Castle multimedia comic book style

You've gone and done a bit of puzzling and a bit of getting lost (!) in Castle Egreth both in Zork as well as in Zork II. However, that was done, as you all know, in text based interactions and through laborious pathfinding your way about, but without graphical assists. Well, this game allows you to experience those castle bound adventures again, however, not quite from the same perspective. Nope, Zork Quest - Assault on Egreth Castle offers you the possibility to relive those moments from multiple perspectives, as you can inhabit more than just one character. Sure, there is not much interactivity, lest for the choice of character that you have, but otherwise this is more akin a visual novel, rather than a fully fledged walkabout down multi-interactive text based sequences. So, if you are the kind that likes a cool, with some tongue-in-cheek humor story, based on the Zork 1 and 2 games, then this is sure for you. Released in 87, it sure doesn't look like much today, but then again, an 8 color palette can have its perks too, so if you love that, see the game; see it. It won't disappoint.

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