Zork Quest 2 - The Crystal of Doom

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Infocom Cartoon Multimedia novel

the Egreth Castle to the underground unknown!

The second Zork words based adventure (I should patent that definition!) picks the things off from where the first adventure left them: Inside the Castel of Egreth, with you, maybe a little confused, maybe a little happy that you finally got to get there! Yep, as fun as the first of the Zorks had been, it sure wasn't a stroll, a victory lane lap! Nope, it had been quite an intricate, if well made game. This second title keeps up with the same set of values, and to its remembrance I must add that it adds to the first game quite a bit. Both in terms of the interaction, in what you're going to try and get done with the game, but also in the quality of the material you'll be getting to explore. The puzzles, as the descriptions and everything else are very good and, while the mild fantasy theme might not be the best use of the theme in text based adventures, it sure is not unfun either. So, take my advice, download Zork the first, and then have this one download as well. And I'm pretty sure you won't need me to tell you want to do with the third game, either (but download that one too!)!

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