The Case of the Cautious Condor

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Tiger Media Third Person Crime investigation

A mystery adventure styled like a noir comic strip

The best thing about this game is that it looks totally fabulous, if you'd allow me that, and it is fabulous because it was created by hand, using mainly the same techniques used in creating comic strips. That's right, it's got a very nice flavor of mid 80s comic book, and along with that it brings about a police/detective story, a pretty interesting one, to be quite honest, though not too original. The staples of genre are followed a bit too closely, but then again, that isn't a problem, it's rather a question of trying to fit personal taste in with the production limitations of the developers. Puzzles wise, you get classic adventure game tropes as well; your regular looking for objects, dialogues, a few detective inspired (and also still, mainly hunt for the object) puzzles and that's about it. There are also a lot of cutscenes, which appear to have been rotoscoped, so, if you loved The Last Express and its graphical style, this game will be quite appealing for that kind of sensibility as well. So, give it a try, it sure is a sweet, if short game, and a good port to DOS.

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