Power Drive

Racing 1994 Dos Dosbox U.S. Gold Rally Challenges Top down

Rally themed, arcade top down racer

Power Drive is a typical, but good enough racer of the kind where you see the action from way above the circuit. Your car is tiny, and the camera turns and shifts around the bends, so you have to remember what your right and your left is. Other than that, you will be driving almost exclusively pedal to the metal style, with the very occasional need for a break, when a bend is tighter than usually. Graphically, the game looks its age, but give the 2D engine it looks nice enough still, with nice colors and nicely done elevations, to keep you engaged for the duration of your playthrough. Variety may become an issues if you sink a few too many hours into it, as the offer is relatively small, both in terms of tracks as well as vehicles. Given the perspective it is also really nice to see that cars indeed behave differently, truth be said not a lot, but they do sport differences, so, depending on your play style you might become more accustomed to this or that vehicle, whichever you may think more maneuverable. So, if you love top down racers, this too can be a good companion for a couple of playthroughs.

Awesome driving/rally game!

Yes, indeed Power drive is easy and awesome at the same time. You start with a very basic car choice (a Mini) and then winning the race you gain money you can invest in improving the car or buyin a new one. This possibility makes the game similar to Death rally, though this is a pure rally game, no guns, no cheats, just easy driving. Controls are a bit too mechanics, but playing is still a worth.

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