Micro Machines 2

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I've never especially liked racing games that are played from the top-down perspective, but I have to admit that the Micro Machines games truly are fun enough for me to disregard this feature. The game has made quite a few changes from its original mm1 - mostly for the better. The gameplay remains the same - drive your car and try to get to the first place using any means possible - whether by just driving good enough (boring) or by using special items that give you boost or weapons that will help you into incapacitating your opponents (a lot more fun!). There are are plenty of tracks to choose from and they are all fantastically designed. One of the funnest feature is the multiplayer option, which allows up to 6 players playing on a single computer keyboard - can you imagine that? The game remains as fun and intense as ever and now includes even better graphics than its predecessor. Whatever you thing of the game, one fact remains - this game is one of the best top down racers that are ever made in the history of gaming.

Pure fun for this racing game

Made some times after the first Micro Machines game, it added very nice graphical elements. Probably the most funny feature was the possibility to play in multiplayer mode from the same computer. Yes, imagine 6 hands on the same keyboard: amazing! Also single player mode was very nice, mini leagues (more difficult going ahead in the game) of 4 players racing in 3 or 4 different circuits. Finally the best of the game were the scenarios: as you can imagine from a micro machine, you will be playing on a kitchen, on a pool table and even on a wc... funny, funny and more funny!

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