Kin Yeo Fighting Game

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Softstar Oriental Beat em up Myth and legend

Over the top retro fighter; Japanese styled

Kin Yeo Fighting Game is a fighter game, as is the Mortal Kombat series, however it has a build and a construction that is very person. The characters are all monsters or Kung Fu heavy masters, and the disputes take place in really cool, generally isolated spaces (on the rooftops of Dojos, on bridges, in the rain in the neck of a forest, etc.) Thus, Kin Yeo Fighting Game has a satisfying, well produced build, gives you a good amount of players and the controls are fairly implemented, though the animations or the combos could have been a little bit more advanced. So, overall, Kin Yeo Fighting Game will most likely appeal to Kung Fu lovers, and will mostly engage those that love basic fighting games, in 2D. The graphical style, the way the animations are designed, will transport you in a cool anime European Japanese space. It's more than you'll expect, so surely it's worth looking into. So have it in your collection! A great deal if detail and originality awaits, even if at first it doesn't look like it. But it sure has all those elements.

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