Xenophage: Alien BloodSport

Arcade 1995 Dos Apogee Futuristic Action

Humor filled fighter with xenomorphs and office secretaries!

Who would have thought that a spoof game featuring xenomorphs and office workers could be a valid idea for a fighting game? Well, apogee did, the company that was responsible for some oft eh jewels of the DOS era, but also for some weird games that didn't make it that far. At any rate, it's not the wacky premise that kept this game grounded, it was the unfortunate lack of detail and lack of a proper design that did. In it you can play either as a human or as a xenomorphic in a battle that takes place in, as the game says, a holographic recreation of either the xenomorph's world or that of the human. In either case, the first few minutes with the game are quite fun and giggle filled, but as you play on the lack of combos, the camera bouncing all over the place and the jaggedly animations will take a toll that will drive you away. So, unless for the historical value, I'd say this game doesn't really cut it as a valuable fighter. So, better go for any of the Guilty Gear series as these games do actually take themselves seriously and can easily be played for hours.

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