The Godfather

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox U.S. Gold Gangster Platformer

Action is pretty good

The game is based on a movie that had the same name and has been not much of a delight to the developers. This side scrolling and platform action game is based on the theme of mafia world and 5 scenes or levels that were there in the movie have been incorporated in this one. The mission that you have in the game is to kill the mafia guys in a full packed action and should try and not to kill the innocent guys that come in the way. The first level or the scene where the action will take place is a multi-directional shooting where you have simple and slow side scrolling movement with slow bullet fighting. After surviving the first one, you will reach the second level which will be played from a first person perspective and is quite fun and filed with action shooting. The game is good in terms of the action and the shooting thing but is not diverse in terms of the variety of the level designs, the power ups and the availability of the weapon. The graphics are average and the gameplay is also an average one. Fighting Force is a far better game with great action and lots of variety.

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