Premier Manager 2008

Sport 2008 Windows Umbro & Zoo Digital Publishing Soccer Team management

Highly playable and well-polished FM game

The Premier Manager 2008 shows what a lifetime dedicated to bettering an old recipe can do: it can take a game that only a niche of players would take to their heart and actually manage to make it palatable even for those that don't necessarily get such managerial games. That is because Premier Manager 2008 manages to always stay on a tight rope of asking you to take critical decisions that matter, while failure to do so results in you losing matches, players and a continuous degradation of the game. Thus, in the short and long run, the game gives you the tools, makes interactivity very easy, but it never pampers you: No, you really have to be careful as every little detail is important in your overall success. Now, to be fair, playing the more recent game in the series, Premier Manager 2012 would be even more interesting, given that a lot of appeal comes from the roster of actualized players, but nevertheless, the 2008 season still features very prominent players, such as Rooney, to name just one. So, enjoyment is guaranteed, so make sure you prepare some snacks and some cold beverages, ‘cause this game is going to hook you up real good.

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