Premier Manager

Sport 1992 Dos Gremlin Interactive Soccer Team management

Ok soccer manager game

While not bad by any means, this game is a good example of the kind of issues that football managers faced the player with at the beginning of the 90s. The transition to mouse and keyboard play means that the individual screens where your choices and options are gathered will at times feel a bit arbitrary, while interaction, also, a bit hard to get too, rather counterintuitive. But, if you're used to these hassles, the game offers a perfectly decent experience. Your usual options are all there, selling, buying, scouting of players, during the match interventions, and so much more. Thus, you'll find the game an ok experience, with relatively responsiveness from the game, architecture good enough to make you feel like your options and choices are actually making a difference. What you won't find that pleasing is the rather template like architecture of the game, that feels as if it's built out of set pieces only just slightly modified to build a game out of them. However, you won't notice it if you're not a big fan of such managers, but then again, the game will only truly address the needs and wants of these kind of players. So, for you, the addicted soccer manager fanatic, this game will prove a little too bland and run of the mill like, and with so many modern soccer managers out there, your time won't be spent too wisely on this game. So, an ok game but nothing special to justify the time investment.

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