Premier Manager 2

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Old school soccer management game, very diverse but dated

Premier Manager 2 is the kind of management game for soccer that wanted to bring as many options as possible into your hands. This sure was possible, and many players must have loved its sprawling nature, but today, it is a bit harder to dedicate the many hours of fiddling and of checking manuals to learn how to control it in all its glory. At any rate, Premier Manager 2 is a deep soccer management game, which expects of you to get hands down dirty in as many of the background elements that would only interest a soccer club manager. You will purchase and sell players, make sure that training is done properly, build up your initial 11 or change it up, and also get caught up in the games, where you can shout commands, where you can reshuffle tactically and try to win as many matches as possible. Graphically, the game looks a bit dusty even for a 93 game, but at the least, if you can manage to get past the aged interfaces, the math that drives the simulation is certainly top notch. So, only for dedicated soccer managers out there, but a good game nevertheless

You'll need skill and training

The basics of the game is that you choose a team that you'd like to manage than do all the managerial work: manage your stadium, rethink strategies, buy new players etc. When you're done with this, your team enters a match, unfortunately you cannot see the match, other than a simulation of what's happening. Every now an then you get a cute little pixelated animation of a goal, miss or the referee giving a card. There's not to say about the graphics, yet the overall sound and music are good. If you wish to practice or at least pretend to be a soccer team manager, then Premier Manager 2 is the game for you!

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