Pro manager

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A serious baseball manager, heavy in statistics based play

If you craved a math and probabilistic heavy management game focused on the professional baseball league, you will have found it in this one here. So, ultimately, Pro Manager offers a charged game if what you are looking for is an intense mental game of how to average your teams so as to create the best possible tactical choices, to have the best possible team, under specific limitations and the general duress of limited budgets! Graphically, well, this will be a bit of a divisive thing for the game. It's not that it looks bad, or that it has some inherent flaw; however, it looks very business oriented, as if it's a game that is produced for non gamers. Not helping the matter is the fact that parts of the simulation are rendered in ASCII characters (in fact, most of it is that way!) while the interaction is strictly text based. So, this is a game that asks a lot of commitment if you want to play it, asks you to learn its commands and always use them, which can be very boring at times, can be very hard to sink into.

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