Pro Pilot

Simulation 1997 Windows Sierra On-Line Flight

Fly the friendly skies

If you've tired of the combat heavy stylings of high octane flight simulators like SU-27 Flanker and EF2000 and are instead hankering after something a little more peaceful, then Pro Pilot could be just what you are looking for. It's the first in a short-lived franchise, the second being Pro Pilot '99, which aimed to bring the thrills of civilian flying to gaming PCs everywhere and while it is certainly pleasant stuff, it's not going to be for everyone, thanks partially to the theme and also due to a few issues with the game itself. The good news is that there's plenty to appeal to armchair aviation enthusiasts, with the game including the option to fly over the attractive continent that is North America and with a good half dozen small aircraft to choose from, including Cessnas and Super Kings and which all offer unique challenges in terms of handling, abilities and controls. Of course, this being a civilian simulator, there's little to the game other than getting into the cockpit of your chosen plane, figuring out the controls, getting her off the ground and then enjoying the spectacular views as you make your way to your destination. The game does thus fit into a unique niche and you'll probably have a good idea whether you're going to enjoy this before you even start playing. It's undeniable that flying does get pretty dull after a while and you find yourself wishing that something a bit exciting would happen just to spice things up. However, if you're prepared for the peace and tranquility, then there is much to enjoy here.

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