Pro Pilot '99

Simulation 1998 Windows Imagineer Co. Flight

Up, up and away!

Comparable to the likes of serious flight simulators like Flight Simulator, this is a fairly middle of the road effort that is neither a must play nor a complete disaster. If you enjoy the more peaceful nature of commercial flight sims rather than combat-heavy games like F-29 Retaliator you'll probably get a kick out of Pro Pilot but don't expect anything out of the ordinary here. There's no campaign or anything like that to get in the way of your fun and instead the game simply presents you with a few options, such as location and plane, then lets you get into the nitty gritty of actually flying around. You've got a choice of Western Europe and the US in terms of location while there are six real world planes to test, and which each offer their own unique challenges. You've got some flight instruction videos to watch, which is advisable as the game is complex while there are also some training missions to fly to help you put your knowledge into practice. For novice pilots thinking about getting into flight simulators this might seem like a tempting choice. However, it's probably a little too geared towards more experienced flyers, so if you are new to this kind of thing, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you are an old-hand then this is probably going to give you hours of entertainment. It is a very complex and realistic game, so there's lots of fiddling with controls and things like that, but as that's what serious armchair pilots like, this does exactly what they want. Not for novices but for pros, a solid choice.

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