Independence Day

Simulation 1997 Windows Fox Interactive Flight Space combat Shooter

A cliche action flying game

A game loosely based around the storyline of the epic movie release, of the same name title called "Independence Day", made famous for starring Will Smith at the height of his career. While many people seem to have mixed reviews of the film, it still left a lasting impression on me the way the film was marketed, the graphics, the suspense. The fact a Hollywood blockbuster alien film was being released again as a mainstream film which had not been seen done since, nearly the 80's made me excited to see as a kid. You would have expected the game to live up to the hype of the movie, but unfortunately it failed. It is not a bad game, however it is fairly bland, you simply play as Will Smith in a fighter jet, shooting the aliens and following cliche objectives. The game was released on PC & Playstation and the draw line graphics are fairly short a bit like in Sonic R that leaves you guessing where to go, leaves a short horizon and leaves you crashing into walls and objects that appear randomly and too quick to respond. Not a bad game, however there is not much to comment on, it is just very average and unfortunatly didn't seem to use any of the same potential the movie had to offer in the game.

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