Pro Rally 2001

Racing 2000 Windows Buka Entertainment Car simulation Rally

Such a well done racer; aged so well

You wouldn't think this game is as old as it is, having been released in 2001. That is so because it still plays fantastically well, the graphics still hold up pretty well, and the challenges and the entire list of tracks and vehicles is realized beautifully. As such, you will definitely fall in love with it. Definitive for such game is the control scheme and the way it feels to you. Well, rest assured, in this one game, your controls feel so very immediate and very realistic; not in a simulation, or rather, not in a hardcore simulation style, but more arcade style, though a very well balanced arcade. And, graphically, without all the unnecessary glitter and spark elements, it just runs smoothly, even on less powerful machines. Yes, it's a quality rally game that reminded me of XPand Rally mostly, and that is meaty, you can play it for days and still not exhaust it. So, what can I say? Play it! It is worth it, for rally lovers as well as for general racing gamers that don't necessarily love too complicated a racer, but still want a quality experience.

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