Cardinal of the Kremlin, The

Simulation 1990 Dos IntraCorp Business Politics Strategic scope

Minigames that struggle to form a nice adventure...

One of the earliest games to dabble into the intricacies of the worlds full of spies and conspiracies that Tom Clancy had concocted, The Cardinal of the Kremlin fails to do justice to the source material – the good Cardinal of Kremlin novel, one of Clancy's early works. Nope, what the game achieves is just offer you alright, but not good, nor great minigames, the kind that you will forget about as soon as you've played them. And it's not even that they're bad, in concept, but they are very blandly executed; in one minigame you try to finish a space program, in another one you try to finish this laser that the USSR was building in the source novel. But your actions are little more than button mashing, with just the occasional dabble into some other type of activity, that may be a little more meaningful. So, overall, The Cardinal of the Kremlin remains a dank collection of minigames. Granted, that's what it wanted, but not even in that category it didn't do too well. No, if you want a better minigames collection download the good 24 Games for Windows and if you want a Clancy action game, download one of them Rainbow Six games. The Cardinal can be left in the annals of history!

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