Global Domination

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Impressions Games Business Politics Strategic scope

Abysmal, multiplayer only RTS

Everything that could have went wrong with this game did; the graphics are awful, the controls are annoyingly difficult to get and mapped almost randomly, while also rather unresponsive, and the overall game is rather shoddy and uninspired. The many interfaces that this game throws at you never truly got that the same type of actions, economic, military, strategic and real time tactical need to be bound cohesively together. Nope, in this one they are scattered all over. You will at times brew a couple of tactical moves and get down to implementing them: disaster! You have to browse through all the screens to find the action you were looking for, then remind yourself of the others and, again, get back to finding where it is hidden. Phew! As I mentioned, the graphics, for a 93 released game, while certainly could have been worse, are by no means good, decent. They are broken, with a nasty headache inducing set of colors and also with many elements that do not coalesce as they should. I would say you should stay away from this game, unless you want to see how bad a simple RTS can get. This sure teaches a master class in bad design!

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