Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes - The Case of Serrated Scalpel

Adventure 1992 Dos Electronic Arts Third Person Mystery

Still verb based, but an awesome Sherlock adventure!

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes - The Case of Serrated Scalpel is a classic point and click adventure, based around the idea of the verb heavy interface, which really produces a great, and very interesting result in terms of playability. Yes, it can be a little underwhelming to play a game that controls just like in the mid 80s, but the verb interface is not as wordy as some others, and, plus, the puzzles sort of tell you what verb and what combination to use. Plus, a lot of the game is text based, that is story and dialogue driven. The forensic portions are also beautiful and interesting and, to its credit, the game doesn't allow you to exit a certain area until you haven't finished the job/puzzle/conversations that needed to be finished. Thus, you won't have to backtrack aimlessly, you'll know when you're done in a certain area. Of course, Watson is present and the duo's bickering is just as sweet and interesting, and worthy of looking into. So, if you love Sherlock adventures this one too is going to prove a good one, enjoyable and just fun, without compromise.

Solid plot and enjoyable to play

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes - The Case of Serrated Scalpel is a detective adventure game released in 1992, that belongs to the Sherlock Holmes series, inspired by Sir Conan Doyle's books. Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes 2 - Case of Rose Tattoo is the sequel to this game. The story presents a new solid and captivating case that Sherlock Holmes and his faithful partner Watson have to solve, a crime that involves a murdered actress outside a theatre. I enjoyed the full of mistery events that occur in the process of investigations, the vivid graphics, the environment effects (they aren't so complex but still, they invigorate the background) and the fact that this game releases your inner detective. The point and click interface is simple to use, by interacting with objects and people. Speaking of people, you have the possibility to choose what you say when you discuss with them, so, the conversation starter is simple. When you want to change your location, the map of the old London is very handy. As the game progresses, new locations will be unlocked. The puzzles have an average difficulty, and some of them may seem easy to you. But, even if you have a large experience when it comes to adventure point and click games, and you are used to solve hard objectives, you will enjoy The Case of Serrated Scalpel.

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