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Be immersed in the middle of WWII destroyer activity

Destroyer offers you a tactician's view into the strategies that were used in the second World War, based on destroyer ships mechanics. The game, is not, however, a realistic representation of these strategies, it's not, in other words a simulation, but it is a good, well executed arcade product, one that lets you guide destroyer ships, aim and fire at the targets. So, yes, accuracy is not that well captured in this game, or historical truth, but the gameplay is definitely fun. You see the world inside a circle that represents your Radar, and, from there, you choose where to guide your next projectile and also, what maneuver to go for, in any number of different scenarios. The missions evolve to become much more intense later on. If the first few ones are content to offer you no more than a handful of enemies, towards the middle o9f the campaign the action becomes much fiercer. And, therefore, later on, quick reflexes and fast action become relentless and showcase this game's arcade roots. For more serious, realistic missions, download Sub Battle Simulator, similarly themed and set in the WWII but much less intense.

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