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Complex, haunting and challenging adventure

Obsidian is an epic and original adventure that is best likened to a sci-fi version of Myst and like that divisive classic, this is sure to split gamers into two camps. The complex plot is notable for its heavy themes, including the nature of sentience, AI, environmental concerns and delves deeply into Jungian psychology. Such concepts are rarely explored in mainstream gaming so it is refreshing to see it attempted and with such success as is seen here. Using these ideas as a backdrop, players are sent into an alternate universe created by an AI with delusions of humanity and must solve a huge variety of abstract and surreal puzzles. To say more here would be to spoil much of Obsidian's delights and if you are a fan of unusual and thought-provoking adventures, then you are sure to enjoy this. The pre-rendered graphics are beautiful, with lush, detailed environments in a unique visual style while the puzzles themselves are challenging, innovative and truly imaginative. While the plot is largely linear, it is sure to captivate gamers and keep them hooked right to the end, but there are two potential endings to be seen and which require some deep moral thinking when it comes to choosing how to finish the story. Although not for everyone, Obsidian is a must-play for adventurers and puzzle addicts alike, who are sure to relish its complex blend of mature story-telling, mysterious atmosphere and haunting brainteasers.

A Myst-worthy puzzle game

This game is very much like Myst - very surreal, very complicated and very, very interesting. You play a scientist called Lilah Kerlins and she is the creator of Ceres, a very intelligent machine that is shot in the Earth's orbit with the plan to cure the planet's air pollution problem. The problem is that Ceres is an artificial intelligence and has become sentient. It kind of kidnaps Max, her partner in the world Obsidian that it has created, and she has to go there to rescue him. Spanning on 5 CDs, the game is extremely intriguing and complicated and full of fantastic puzzles that, while very surreal, are totally in place with the game's atmosphere. The graphics are outstandingly beautiful and almost artistic and it has fantastic and very genuine sound effects. If you liked Myst and love mysterious puzzle games, you have GOT to try this game out. I hope you will find it as perplexing and captivating as I did and enjoy it as much as I have. A truly wonderful and beautiful game.

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